Where Have I Been?

Oh man, did anyone miss me? I guess you didn’t, but I like that intro, makes me feel important.

I should have been blogging about our day out yesterday, we had planned on going to Newry again and also adding in some sightseeing because the weather was amazing.

We had sat yesterday morning and done an exam paper with the children, they both did good. There was oodles of things to do in the house, but it was such a nice day I decided to go with other half in the car to Newry. Toni and Seb decided they didn’t want to go as their big brother was home so that left Sol who wanted to go with me.

So off we went, I drove to Belfast to meet other half and parked my car at a big Sainsbury’s store for the afternoon. Other half met us there and we travelled in his car to head to Newry. We needed to stop off in a town called Lurgan as he had a call to do there. As we approached Lurgan the car felt like it stalled on a roundabout, other half had some forethought, he coasted it off the roundabout and mounted the footpath. All the whole the car was crunching and grinding, we tried to get to going again and it became apparent that the car was going nowhere.

So that was us sat on the pavement at the side of a roundabout broken down. We called the AA, they took an hour to arrive and diagnosed that the car was not able to be fixed at the roadside. The van was not able to tow our car, which is a seven seat Galaxy, so they had to contact a recovery company. It took a further three hours to get a recovery truck and that was a hard day because the temperature was soaring. The car was incredibly hot and there was no where for us to shelter from the sun. I felt sorry for Sol, she was incredibly good about it all.

Once hitched up onto the recovery truck we endured an eventful journey back to Belfast to retrieve my car first which was still at the Sainsbury’s car park. The driver of the recovery vehicle suffered (ever so slightly) from road rage, he kept winding his window down and yelling at other drivers when he was cutting through lanes of traffic. Hardly a shining example of great customer service.

This is Sol in the truck, she took it all in her stride.

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  1. Sometimes the best laid plans……. It’s good that all turned in the end. Sorry I missed missing you lol…..I was taking a bit of a break myself. It’s a busy time of year outside, which is nice after the long winter.

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