My Favourites

WordPress photo challenges are coming to an end. They ask you to post your favourite photograph.
All-Time Favorites

I’m not sure I could choose a favourite but I’d like to share some oldie photos of my four babies.

I wonder what was going on between Sol and Maggeo.

This next photo does not win any awards for greatness but it shows Seb passed out with exhaustion. We were staying in an apartment in the Canaries and it’s clear to me he was just asleep on his feet.

One of my children was on this swing ride somewhere, I just cannot tell where.

Three little water babies.

One of the most awesome places I visited was this amphitheatre. This photograph does not do its size any justice, it was huge. I actually sat down on the stone seats where I tried to imagine who had sat there in history and what atrocities they watched while seated there.

If you haven’t got a car and you don’t have a bicycle then one wheel will have to do. Maggeo on his unicycle.

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I was watching a bird show, this capture was taken many years ago on an ordinary camera. It was really hard not to duck while taking the photograph. The birds were just swooping so low over our heads you could almost feel them.

Rightly or wrongly I went to see the Orcas. Second row seats for the platform was an awesome experience for me.

My final photo is one which brings back fond memories of when the three youngest children used to just sleep where they fell and it was usually in the same bed.

So it’s goodbye to the WordPress photo challenge. I have enjoyed it and look forward to the next opportunity I have to share my photographs with my readers.

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