Odd Ball?

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

Is this Odd Ball? I’m not sure if my daughter is classed as Odd Ball, but as I look through photos there’s definitely a recurring theme.

Sol loves rabbits ….

Note the fact that Sol has a yellow rabbit on her tee shirt and she’s wearing a pink rabbit hat.

And when she was younger it snowed this one time, it’s a rare thing where I live. When the snow came we took her out and she brought her stuffed animal along. Although the stuffed animal isn’t really a rabbit, she’s always called it a rabbit – so it’s a rabbit named Lorraine (long story on the name).

Here is one tired and cold bunny sitting next to Lorraine the stuffed bunny rabbit.

And to finish off this little set of oddball photos is Sol wearing a rabbit hat and clutching Lorraine the bunny rabbit whilst she is building a rabbit snowman.

I hope you enjoyed my little set of oddball photographs.


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