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**** This post is out of sync with the others. It should have been posted on Monday, and it’s Friday now. I’m not sure what happened, but I just found it in my drafts folder. Maybe I saved it for a reason, whatever that reason is I can’t remember now. So here’s Monday’s update, a few days late. I have not changed any wording to reflect the days. ****

The children are mostly good, but there is one argument which has been prevailing this week.

Up until now they have had a shared mobile phone. No, I’m not a bad mother, but there really was no need to all have their own phones. They were the only children in the whole wide world to not have their own mobile phones at their ages. They all had iPods and iPads with iMessage, and the one phone was used by whoever needed it on whatever day they were leaving the house.

The time has finally come for the three youngest children to have phones. Other half had just upgraded and I still had my old phone from when I upgraded a few months ago (older but perfectly good), plus the phone that they had shared. It sounded too easy, three phones, just get three SIM cards, slot them in put credit on them and go. That was the start of the debate, who would get what phone. Two phones were one model and the third was an older model. Logically the youngest child automatically gets the older model, but she complained that being the youngest she always receives the lesser of anything. She has a point, but what can I do; I can’t magic the third phone into a newer model. The threat of sticking them all into a bag and labelling them 1,2,3 was met with a lot of opposition from the two eldest so that didn’t work either. The other alternative is that mum and dad bow down and got their wallets out and buy more phones, but that wasn’t happening either.

So it has now ended up settled, youngest took the older model under the premise that she gets the next upgrade hand me down. Which will be mine because I am half way through my latest contract. She is happy – for now.

This morning had started taking Sol to the GP, she has a little issue which has been bothering her for some time. The GP has referred her on to get a bladder and kidney ultrasound done. In the meantime while waiting for the scan she’s having kidney function bloods taken on Thursday. Don’t you find when there’s something wrong with one of the children it can be a real worry? I’m hoping whatever it is it’s nothing too serious and can be easily dealt with.

Other than that we went food shopping and the rest of the day was spent at home doing the weekends laundry and chores.

I also got another couple of rows done on my crochet baby blanket, it’s almost finished. I counted up tonight and I have eight made, and this one is number nine. My goodness, I didn’t realise I’d get through them so fast, maybe I could make 15.

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    1. Definately. Life doesn’t give everyone equally. I told them the other choice was no mobile phone as I didn’t have to money to go out and buy them all new.

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