A Busy Day Update

Yesterday I didn’t post my updates as I was tired when I got home, I just settled and surfed for a little while.

The morning was Sol’s blood test to check her kidney function. She was very brave, we had applied the numbing cream that she had been prescribed and the nurse sprayed her arm with freeze stuff. Sol suddenly started talking really loud and fast, you could tell she was terrified. However she said afterwards she needn’t have worried and next time she knows the blood test will be easy.

After the blood test the children and I scooted off to a neighbouring town. They have an outlet store of a big name store that I like. I wanted a particular style of loose waist trousers (pants) and I was keen to get them this week as advised by my doctor for a little surgery I’m going to have in a couple weeks. I succeeded, so I am happy, you know when mum is happy, everyone is happy. 😂 Besides the functionality of these new trousers, it’s a style I’ve never worn before and I was pleasantly surprised I actually like them and have worn them today.

After that we ate lunch then went to Belfast to meet other half. We had arranged that we would park the car up near where he was working and we’d travel with him to another town he was working. It’s a place called Newry, it’s virtually on the Irish birder. You’ve heard me talk about it before, and we love to go there and have a run around the shops while other half works. By the time we had shopped there and came home we were exhausted, but it was worth it. The photo above was taken outside The Quays shopping centre, which is aptly named as it’s on the river. We got a few bargains in the summer clothes ranges, I wonder should I make a post about what we have bought the last couple of weeks?

Then 💤 today …..

After the busy week we had I stayed home today, apart from taking Maggeo to the hair dresser and then dropping him off to the garage to collect his repaired car. The fast pace this week had taken its toll on the children, they were all tired and Sol was a tad grumpy. So quiet day at home and early bed this evening will fix all of that. I did a bit of baking, I’m going to post a brilliant recipe I got from a friend in a separate thread when I get a few minutes to write it out (it’s worth the wait, you will just love it). Apart from baking I got the house back in order, every day things had been abandoned and it was a bit unkempt looking. So back to normality for a few days, exam is over, doctors appointments done, shopping done (you can never shop too much) and housework done.

Tomorrow will be a new day and everything starts all over again.


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