Artisan Bread Test

As you all know I bake bread almost every day. It’s so good to eat good tasty bread rather than the rubbish pan loaf that is available to us locally.

I usually make my own bread from scratch but I spotted these bread mixes lately and was intrigued.

I rarely buy a bread mix, I don’t need to because I can throw a few ingredients together with good success.

However I was pleasantly surprised with this mix. I almost followed the directions, with a few small changes.

Initially it said mix the flour mix water and some oil then leave to rest for five minutes. I actually left it longer as I needed to get showered and things. Usually I leave my bread up to an hour for the first rise so I figured it would do no harm.

Then when I returned to the dough I knocked the air out and kneaded it into shape. I placed the dough in a banneton basket and left it to rise for over an hour. It puffed up real good too.

I baked it in my Dutch oven and the bread came out good. It’s tasty and as good as my own (almost 😂).

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