One Down One To Go

All these weeks of hard work have paid off. Hopefully, for my children, who have been studying very hard for weeks and weeks. They did their first exam today and both Toni and Seb came out of the exam feeling mildly confident. They’ve been studying physics for an International GCSE qualification. They have another paper still to do, but it’s a shorter one and with a bit of luck easier.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but the exam centre is in an old linen mill in Belfast. I love the building, I have posted photos before, but I am posting another again. There are rooms and stairs on each side but that’s the central atrium area where you cross to go to wherever you need to go. The stairs inside are old stone staircases, everything about it is old, yet restored. I wish I had taken more photos but I try to be respectful of those using the building.

While Seb and Toni were in Sol and I had two hours to spend just looking around. There was a little shopping centre nearby so we went there to get drinks, and Sol some sweets. It wasn’t so good, we were very restrained and didn’t buy anything else.

By the time we had got home everyone was exhausted, the children had worked particularly hard lately so the mental release today must have been huge. I myself haven’t slept so good the last couple of nights, I’ve got some things in my mind just now and I needed to digest them. I’m hoping tonight I’ll sleep like a baby!

On a different note I finished baby blanket number nine! Can you believe I have made nine blankets this past few weeks? They are all going to a good cause. I might try to get a couple more made, I will see how I go.

I made this blanket on a large hook, the amount of stitches compared to the size is deceptive. To give you an idea of size my eldest daughter is holding this blanket up. Excuse the not good photograph though, I hadn’t planned on blogging the photo so it wasn’t set up.

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    1. It sure is, you canโ€™t really comprehend the size also. In the building itself there is a maze of corridors and rooms and walkways. The education centre is there, a museum a cafe and a couple other smaller things too. Dotted around are artefacts from the mill.

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