Vintage Shopping

I ended up going to Belfast today for an appointment, I took Sol with me for company. It was in the morning but ended up being there two hours, and by the time I drove the one hour journey home it took up half of my day.

I arrived home with a staving Sol and barely anything left of the fresh bread I had thrown in the oven before I left, apparently it was good. I had to laugh at my greedy family, they are suckers for the bread out of the oven. Here’s a bread porn photograph …

After resting for a while this afternoon other half asked me to go pick up some large planters with him, he needed me to use my car as I have space to transport them. Other half does the whole Ulster In Bloom thing for our village, it’s a competition where all the villages in the country and towns get prettified. My husband is the chairperson for the village entry. Every year, as part of the entry they get planters from the large garden centre and take them to a local nursery to be planted out. People sponsor them and cover the costs of the flowers, it’s a lovely little scheme. There are a lot more things that the village does, we have a bug hotel, herb garden, an orchard, sculptures and lots more flower beds planted out. As they start to bloom I will take photos, They are very pretty. Our village has won second place the last few years, maybe one day we will win the coveted first prize.

Isn’t this display cute?

Anyway the garden centre has a gift shop at it, they sell some really lovely things. Truthfully they are overpriced, I mean who can afford that stuff? But lucky for me I was able to collect loyalty points all last year for things we bought for the village and I had some gift cards to spend.

Take this jug, I bought it with the gift card but it was £17. £17 for a jug, they must be having a laugh, imagine if we bought the whole set. I liked it though so it’s now sitting proudly on my worktop.

I also got a vase, it’s grey glass which matches my dining room. My last two vases mysteriously recently got broke. It was Mr Nobody who broke them, I don’t know where he disappeared to because he didn’t stick around to own up to his crime.

Now I need some flowers to go in my vase.

The garden centre is guarded by some very ferocious looking dogs …

The remainder of the day was taken up with getting the children organised for tomorrow’s exam. We travel to Belfast again, thankfully the exam is in the afternoon. It’s for Seb and Toni, so Sol and I will have a couple of hours to fill. I suspect we will go shopping, it seems to be all I do these days!

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  1. I love looking but like you, rarely buy. I find browsing to be a good way to get out and get some fresh air… entertainment.

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