Books Or Paper – CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is books or paper.

Here’s my entry, I hope you enjoy them.

The first is an autographed book I received at Christmas from my eldest son. It’s a cook book by Nigella Lawson. I had previously met Nigella Lawson and had her sign another book, she personalised it to my daughter and I. I love it. When I heard that Nigella was back in town and she was near where my son was that day, I asked him to go find her. I wanted her new book and hoped that she could sign it. He was a bit shy about it, but I pointed out that guys like Nigella Lawson then suddenly he was keen on the idea. As you can see he was successful in meeting her.

The second photo I am sharing is probably self explanatory. I took it on Palm Sunday, the story behind the cross is here … Read here.

The final photograph is of a different sort of paper. Paper money, and in this case these are Euros which is European currency. I had bought some currency because I was travelling to Spain, made me feel rich.

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