I Cant Think Of A Good Title – Yet!

I guess I should start by explaining where I have been this week. I have hardly posted and I have not really caught up on anyone’s updates or comments.

I have been out every night this week delivering charity envelopes and we are currently in the process of collecting them again.  Its a once a year event for Christain Aid and other half would usually do this job for our church, however he isn’t on top form and I have been helping him.  Tonight is the last night we will be out collecting, after that our evenings will be our own again.  That’s an excuse (I don’t like using excuses) for not being online I guess, but when we have got home each night it really is time for the night time routines of showers and winding down.

So back to business and the last couple of days we have actually been out enjoying ourselves.  Yesterday we went to a town called Newry, its in Northern Ireland in case anyone doesn’t know where I am based.  Newry is not so far away from the border which joins Northern Ireland to Ireland.

I am not sure why these umbrellas are hanging upside down…

My girls messing about in the car…

I am very fond of the town and any opportunity we have to go visit we grab it, which is usually about six times a year.  I would usually save some money just for the trip and stock up on new clothes for the children.  We actually did not spend many hours in Newry yesterday but while we were there we got a lot of shopping done so I guess we made the most of our time.

Sol, trying on a pair of sunglasses, which I find amusing because it’s got the case attached…

The children fared best out of the trip, I pretty much got all of their summer clothes purchased.  For little cost, need I add, we always seem to get the sale bargains.  They got tee-shirts and shorts galore, and we came home with money for the next trip.  I got myself a handful of tee-shirts and tried on a couple of bikinis that I fancied.   Regrettably I didn’t buy the swimwear, I thought at the time I would wait and now I wish I had just got them.  But, that is how things go!

Also this week I managed to get another baby blanket finished, its the second ice cream blanket I have made.  What do you think? I am now back onto the cream, burgundy and barley colour blanket I was on before.

I have to share this lovely photo with you.  Last night when we were out collecting I just had to stop and admire the view.  It was around 8:30 pm and the evening was closing in, it is a moment like this that makes everything worth while.

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