Beautiful Peacock

I’m baking today so I will post up some recipes later on for you.

I’ve been busy the last couple of days delivering leaflets for my church, and I’m afraid it has distracted me and things have got neglected, including my webpage.

As a result it has also meant I have little done in the house, which in reality is probably a welcome break. The children are still working hard for their exams, they have the first exam next Wednesday so it’s cram cram cram now.

I’ve a couple of photos of things I’ve seen the last few days. I called in a park near to where I live and met this fellow, he has a beautiful tail but sadly I only had a few moments to snap a pic and didn’t get it all in. The photograph still shows off his amazing colours though.

A couple other views of the park …

In the summer this walkway is adorned with colour, just now it’s grey and drab.

But for now the tulips are in full bloom, tulips are one of my favourite flowers.

I’ve also been working on another crochet baby blanket, I still had plenty of the ice cream yarn left. I’m hoping I’ll get it finished later today, I work on the blankets when I sit down between other jobs. Usually it’s a row here and half a row there, this blanket grows fast as it’s super chunky yarn and made on a big hook.

That is it for now, I need to start my day. 😉

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