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I didn’t bake today, did that surprise you? I didn’t need to as other half and Maggeo is having a few days on protein shakes. Toni has been sick and there was enough bread in

I didn’t bake today, did that surprise you? I didn’t need to as other half and Maggeo is having a few days on protein shakes. Toni has been sick and there was enough bread in the house to do the rest of us, I don’t eat much bread anyways. Mag is trying to get super fit, he’s even gone as far as buying a bench and some weights, he’s avoiding carbs and sugars.

Other half is trying to get control of his allergy induced symptoms. He wheezes a lot and some foods are triggers. We have said this constantly to the asthma clinic nurses and they said ‘no way, not allergies, definitely asthma’. However we know that his ‘asthma’ clears up when he cuts certain foods out of his diet. He has a review next week so he’s being really good with his food, he can do with losing a few pounds also. It is frustrating though, as clinic and doctors say he has asthma he has to attend the asthma clinic even though it’s allergies. A previous doctor of his actually said to him that his symptoms look like asthma but it isn’t asthma. And while you’d think he’d simply just not go to the asthma clinic, they won’t prescribe any medication for anything unless he does go. As for cutting certain foods from his diet, well he finds that difficult so just continues to eat the foods that make him wheeze. I roll my eyes at it sometimes, but as we all know it is not always easy to give up things that are habitual or ‘nice’.

Toni is feeling better today, she had 48 hours of sickness which tested her. Today she’s still a little pale and washed out but she’s definitely on the mend.

So this morning was a slow start for Toni, she needed to study though, no rest for her. Seb needed to revise also but as Toni was slow he was too. So I decided to run out with the two youngest while we waited for Toni to sort herself out. I needed a couple of things for my lunches and the children needed breakfast cereal.

I got some yarn while I was out, it’s super chunky for another baby blanket, I’ve started it already. I haven’t actually finished my other blanket but I couldn’t wait to start the new yarn so now I have two blankets in the process. That is blankets number seven and eighth out of ten that I am hoping to make.

I also called in a store called NewLook. I was on the NewLook website this morning and saw they were having 30% off from their new summer items so I had to go see in person, I also have an additional 10% off with a student card that I have. I ended up getting a pair of shorts and bandeau top for very little money which pleased me. They had others so I might go back and get more, besides I promised Toni I’d take her in so I may as well. We are looking for lightweight clothes for our travels this summer.

This afternoon the children studied and got all caught up with their work. Toni had missed a couple of days with her sickness and I know the whole event disrupted Seb’s work too.

I took Sol to the nurseries while Seb and Toni worked this afternoon, we wanted to get some little trailing plants. We had got these little hooky-on pots a couple weeks ago for that ugly fence I told you about. They are bright and colourful so we reckoned they would take the bad look away, we also had previously planted sweet peas along the bottom of the fence.

We would have just painted it but the fence actually belongs to the neighbouring property and we are afraid the paint will run through the slats as they are facing the wrong way.

This is the the original post.

We are hoping as the sweet peas grow up and the new hanging plants grow down that it will be pretty. If it turns out good I’ll be showing off photos as the summer rolls on.

That pretty much sums up my non-bake day, I missed my fresh bread. Tomorrow will be an early start to school so that we can maybe get finished up at lunch time. I promised Toni I’d take her shopping and I’m thinking the weather forecast is good so it will be nice to get outside in the garden again.

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