Place In The World

The WordPress photo theme this week is about my Place in the World.

I think I may have touched on this several times already ☺️! I even posted about where I live and love two days ago. I live a stone’s throw away from the water, the sometimes wild, sometimes calm sea almost laps at my doorstep. The following photographs sum up my place in the world.

The walk down to the shore.

The little harbour where we launch our boat from.

Tonight when I walked I spotted this big momma cruise ship sailing quietly by.

On the way home from my wandering along the shore I often stop and look at a lovely hotel for bugs, aren’t they lucky. 🐛 🐜 🐞

And as I approach home I see my own patch, the garden is luscious and green as always.

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  2. Oh, my gosh, I’ve never heard of or seen a hotel for bugs! That’s very intriguing – a lovely post you’ve shared, thank you!

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