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Last night, quite late on in the evening I went for a walk. I have to say that where I live it is very beautiful, I feel blessed to live here. Everyday I look at the surroundings and just soak them up. The views change daily according to the weather and conditions, no two days are the same.

I just wanted to share with you some photographs I took last night, the clouds were very unusual and gave a very interesting mottled effect in the sky. As you can see it was twilight and the dunes just look rugged and deserted.

As I turned to come home I noticed the sky slightly orange in the sunset, the water shimmered and birds paddled along the water edge looking for their supper. I’m not sure if the photograph can convey how breathtaking it was, my phone camera is only so good and you cannot get the depth to demonstrate the actual view.

I like my walks in the solitude, it gives me time to think and be myself. I don’t have to be someone’s mum or hear people telling me this or that. Life has been a challenge the last few years and the times I spend alone like this are therapeutic, I just need that downtime occasionally, a little time to reflect and recharge.

I was glad I got out last night because today I’ve had to stay home. Toni has been sick all day, I think she has a tummy bug. Every half hour or so she has thrown up, I am currently watching her in case she gets dehydrated and am contemplating taking her to the doctor to get checked. She is a little pale, but so far she’s still on her feet and not too lethargic. It’s just watching in case she crosses that fine line and becomes ill.

So while I was home today I baked bread, have I ever done that before? I will post up the recipe and photos later, because I feel the recipe needs it’s own post rather than being lumped in here with my photographs of the sky and sea. I hope you don’t mind coming back again later.

As well I baking my bread and doing chores I sat down and tried to make headway on my latest blanket. I’m thinking I will need six large squares then make borders for them and stitch them together. I’m using the colours barley, cream, and burgundy in the brand Cygnet yarn. I think they go particularly well together, maybe not baby colours but I know where they are going the colours are unimportant so long as they aren’t white. I’m just using up my stash rather than buying more yarn currently.

This is what I’ve got so far, they are made on a large hook so the size is probably bigger than you picture them …

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  1. Love your view. Wish I was there too. We could walk together in silence. Yeah right on the silence. Not with us. Love you sis

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