No Knead Bread Recipe

I made some no knead bread today. I have shared this recipe before, but I felt it doesn’t do any harm to share again. Also my baking method is different this time so a new post will be good, either baking method is good to do, both work well.

I have given you the link for the last post I made for this recipe, I baked it open no Knead bread, open baked.

So, same recipe, different baking method.

6.5 cups of strong white flour

3 cups warm water

2 sachets of yeast

1.5 tablespoons salt.


Mix the warm water with the yeast and salt.

Pour the water mix over the flour.

Mix well until all the flour is incorporated.

Do not Knead or overwork your bread.

Cover your bowl and leave the bread dough to sit on the work for around two and a half hours.

Then place the dough in the fridge.

Leave your dough overnight, or even a few days. Whatever time you leave it, it’s up to you. This dough recipe is ideal to make when you know you will be busy on bread making day. There is very little preparation, five minutes and that is all.

When you are ready take half the dough and shape it. I made a boule shape and put it in a banneton basket to rise and come back to room temperature. This could take 90 minutes, maybe longer. The last recipe I posted up I open baked the bread, this is what I usually do. However I have just bought a Dutch oven, which I’m very excited to use and the baking method is very slightly different.

Once your bread dough is shaped and you have left it a while to rise you should be preheating your oven to around 240C with your Dutch oven inside. A Dutch oven is basically a large cast iron pot and when you bake the bread it traps the moisture in the bread and gives a great crust. You can use any large casserole dish or a Pyrex bowl, tin bowl, whatever, just make sure it’s hot-oven proof. After about 20 minutes your Dutch oven should be smoking hot, you could smell the burny iron smell when mine was preheated.

Slash your bread dough while you are waiting for your oven to heat, this allows for controlled expansion.

Once hot lift the Dutch oven carefully out of your oven and place your bread dough inside. I used my non stick Teflon-like parchment to lift my dough and placed the dough and parchment in the pot. I placed the lid over and the parchment stick out the sides.

Bake the bread for 20 minutes with the lid on the Dutch oven. After 20 minutes carefully take the lid of your pot and turn the temperature of the oven down to 200C. Bake for a further 20 minutes at 200.

Your bread should be risen and a lovely golden brown. Test for readiness and then cool your bread on a wire rack.

The recipe above makes two or three loaves, I made two and they both have different looks.

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