CFFC – Any Kind Of Camera Or Photos Of Photographers

I have often dabbled in photography, in the past that is.

Sadly my good camera has been missing for around 18 months and I haven’t replaced it yet. It is presumed stolen, but I am hoping I have just mislaid it somewhere in the house and it turns up. I enjoy photography, or should I say enjoyed before my camera and equipment went AWOL. Since I lost my camera I have just used my mobile phone to take photos of my subjects and surroundings. I am happy with my phone camera quality, but there’s little to do except point and shoot.

I am hoping this year for my birthday in August I can get a new camera and get back to enjoying my hobby to the fullest. I might even get one to fit my lenses and accessories that I still have from my old camera. I might be asking for recommendations at some point so please feel free to chip in below in the comments section, I really could use the advice.

Anyway onto Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I enjoy these challenges, and often you have to think outside the box. This one was an easy one for me because immediately my little 12 year old photographer sprung to mind.

Here is Sol, she’s lining the shot up, she wishes to photograph her best friend and beloved bear, Lorraine.

Closer …

Then she checks her photographs very carefully while she makes her final selection…

Finally she decides on the photograph. Here is the end result, didn’t she do well?

I think nowadays everyone is taking photos with their phones. This is a concert I was at, I photographed the photographers!

Last but not least, a photo of a photographer.

This is probably the most common type of photographer photo you will see on the internet now, a selfie. Everybody takes a selfie of themselves, it’s almost the most natural thing in the world. (It’s not a particularly good selfie, but then again most selfies aren’t)

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