Orange Poppets Slowcooker Fudge

This is recipe number four from the set of five fudge recipes we made last week.


500g milk chocolate

154g box of orange poppets (frozen)

1 can condensed milk

3 drops orange flavouring

In case you don’t have poppets where you live they are little chocolate coated balls of flavoured fondant, in this case orange. Any fondant candy would do as it melts a little when you add them in. I would freeze mine first so it melts less and you still get texture.


Melt all the ingredients except for the poppets in the slowcooker.

Turn to low and cook for 90 minutes, make sure you stir the fudge mix every 15 minutes.

Once 90 minutes are up spoon into moulds and allow to cool.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours before cutting.


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