The Key To Life

I did not even get a chance to update yesterday, actually, truthfully I did, but life got in the way and I forgot. Yesterday morning was the fundraiser stall. I have been loosely involved with

I did not even get a chance to update yesterday, actually, truthfully I did, but life got in the way and I forgot.

Yesterday morning was the fundraiser stall. I have been loosely involved with this event in the past, the lady who heads it up has a knack of sucking you in and getting you involved before you realise what has happened. That is what happened to us! I am not complaining, we often help the various organisations supported by our church, friends and family. My children are learning that not everyone has it easy in life and they should recognise that.

I write for our local newspaper, I turn out a column about local events and activities. I am hearing from people locally I have a bit of a following and people often email me to get included in my column. Some people have learned they can get new visitors to their events by my column, it is free advertising; that is what it is all about.

So, for the last few weeks I had been working closely with the event organiser as we’ve been including bits in the newspaper in the run up. The event was fundraising for a school that has nothing in an area which is classed as contentious in our eyes. The teachers don’t get paid so often and the school lacks in basic equipment. Education is key everywhere and while children are at school parents can work. Employment improves lives and so on. As I learned about the target of the fundraising I felt I wanted to help and approached the lady about having a little stall. At the time I wasn’t sure what we would do or even if they would allow it, but we knew we’d sell something and donate money. The event was a coffee morning, a large one and every year there is a fair trade stall at it. Nothing else, no other stalls just tea, coffee and an abundance of cakes and bakes which you can buy. So this was a first for her, but she said yes and allowed us to set up as near the door.

I had costume jewellery left over from my online store, and we made fudge. We made a lot of fudge! All week the children and I cooked, mixed, bagged, labelled etc. You know I did because we wrote a lot about it and I’ve been posting recipes.

We went in on Friday night to organise our spot then down early yesterday morning to set up.

It was a huge success and we sold out of fudge by half way though!

We could have made double the amount of fudge, but we had no idea it would sell so well. The three youngest children were behind the stall and just did their thing, I supervised at a safe distance and mingled with the guests. Everyone loved the fudge, people were very generous and gave the children a lot of extra money. At the end of the day we had sold a small amount of jewellery and a huge amount of fudge. When my youngest daughter handed over the money afterwards the organiser lady was overwhelmed. She looked at the roll of notes and said “there seems to be an awful lot of money there”. All for a good cause, and lives improved a little all because we worked hard for a few hours this week.

Of course, through the morning I ate too many cakes, I am not sure the scales will like me, I’m avoiding them for a few days.

From the one other stall I made a purchase. The organiser lady, who is a friend, had pointed out a large bowl they had as a centre piece. She couldn’t get over how unusual it was, but really couldn’t buy it as her house has a lot of nice things. I bought it though, while I was looking at it I was surprised to learn it was only £10. It is made entirely from keys, then smoothed and polished. A real talking piece, what do you think of it?

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  1. That is a beautiful bowl!! And I’m not surprised the fudge sold out. As much as I promote healthy eating, I am a chocoholic……dark chocolate has excellent health benefits by the way lol. I’ve been seeing you fudge recipes and it’s made my mouth water. I would definitely sampled heavily if I was there.

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