Shopping Trip And Ships

I had a bit of a shopping trip today. I hadn’t planned on any work and little school work also. I was lucky to get all the fudge packed away and ready for tomorrow too.

I had a bit of a shopping trip today. I hadn’t planned on any work and little school work also. I was lucky to get all the fudge packed away and ready for tomorrow too.

So as luck would have it the other half was working in the capital, Belfast, this morning. He invited the children and I to go to Belfast with him, he said we could go shopping while he worked and he’d meet us at lunch time.

Shopping is something I am good at, I think all girls are. I got myself some new things, usually the children get clothes and I don’t so it was my turn. The last few times we have come home with plenty for other half too. I don’t need to justify my want for clothing today, but I have very little that actually fits me well. Everything I own is one to two sizes too large for me, and whilst that is a nice problem to have I am tired of walking round and always having to straighten my clothes up because they slip down. I got two lightweight summer jackets, two pretty tops and a dress. Sol got a top, Toni got herself a skirt and Seb a Dr Who book. I also bought a couple Yankee Candle wax melts and I’m pretty sure that was all.

After our shopping trip we had a little drive around the docks, we saw HMS Caroline.

Some info about Caroline as quoted from Wikipedia.

HMS Caroline is a decommissionedC-classlight cruiser of the Royal Navy that saw combat service in the First World War and served as an administrative centre in the Second World War. Caroline was launched and commissioned in 1914. At the time of her decommissioning in 2011 she was the second-oldest ship in Royal Navy service, after HMS Victory. She served as a static headquarters and training ship for the Royal Naval Reserve, based in Alexandra Dock, Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the later stages of her career. She was converted into a museum ship. From October 2016 she underwent inspection and repairs to her hull at Harland and Wolff and opened to the public on 1st July 2017 at Alexandra Dock in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast.[2] Caroline was the last remaining British First World War light cruiser in service, and she is the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland still afloat. She is also one of only three surviving Royal Navy warships of the First World War, along with the 1915 MonitorHMS M33 (in Portsmouth dockyard), and the Flower-class sloopHMS President (1918), (formerly HMS Saxifrage) usually moored on the Thames at Blackfriars but as from February 2016, in Number 3 Basin, Chatham.

As we were driving around we saw where they have some film sets constructed for the latest filming of The Game Of Thrones. Here is a pic, but there really is nothing to see as they have containers piled as high as they can. What do you think? If you didn’t know it was a film set you’d just assume that someone was playing Lego with the shipping containers.

We also saw a cruise ship which is getting renovated, apparently the first to be worked on here. Hopefully the first of many because this city has a lot of skilled ship workers.

This evening I went to a barbecue, it was the last night for the children’s youth club until September. They always have an end of year BBQ and parents are invited. It was a nice end to the day and I even managed to get a decent cup of tea with my food.

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