Cinnamon Fruit Pullman Loaf

A friend said she was going to call for a coffee this morning. I wanted to make her something home made to have with our coffee. She bakes cakes for a living so I thought it best not to bake a cake as by comparison there’s nothing will compare with the ones she makes, besides she’s probably sick of cake. I decided to make what I make best and that is bread.

This is what I made, it’s a very basic recipe, no fancy ingredients or techniques required …

Pullman Fruit Bread

750g strong white bread flour (26.5oz)

460ml warm water (16.2oz)

3 teaspoons salt

4 tablespoons of milk powder

1.5 sachets of instant yeast (10-12g)

2 tablespoons sugar

150g dried mixed fruit (5.3oz)

1 tablespoon cinnamon


This is such an easy bread to make. Put all the ingredients in a bowl except the water and mix well.

Add the water in and using your dough hooks bring all the ingredients together into a soft dough.

Tip the dough onto a floured board and knead for a couple of minutes until it’s elastic.

Place the dough into a covered oiled bowl for around an hour to rest.

After an hour, knock out the air from the dough and shape it into your baking tin. I used a 13″ Pullman loaf tin without the lid.

Cover the tin and leave to rise, maybe an hour or a little more. Heck by pressing gently on the dough with a finger, if the indentation springs back gently then your dough is ready to bake.

Bake for 30/35 minutes in a preheated oven at 200C/390F.

Once baked brush some melted butter over the top of the bread for that nice, chewy, sticky finish.

Allow the loaf to cool fully before slicing.

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