The Sun Sets On Another Day

I wonder what people think I do all day when I’m at home. Well, the children keep me busy almost all day. They are studying hard right now, exams are in three weeks time so

I wonder what people think I do all day when I’m at home. Well, the children keep me busy almost all day. They are studying hard right now, exams are in three weeks time so we have had less day trips out. Anyone who knows us in person will know that at least once a week we would go somewhere new and explore. But, we are all housebound just now, at least for the majority of time.

While the studying is happening I’ve been sitting enjoying perusing some crafty work and of course baking.

Speaking of which, watch out tomorrow for a lovely new bread recipe. I won’t say too much, don’t want to put a spoil on it as it’s sitting in my fridge waiting for me to bake it.

I have been making crochet baby blankets to send off to some needy people in Malawi. I added a border to my yellow blanket, I had made it a couple of weeks ago but I felt it needed an edge. I had ran out of the correct yarn, I only got some today and got stuck in straight away.

Just for fun I had a go at making an amigurumi rabbit. It’s the very first time I attempted to make something like this. I think it turned out okay, I’m undecided if I want to try another. It wasn’t difficult to make, just a little fiddly.

I feel like I’ve just shared crochet things the last few days, believe me when I say there’s more to my life than yarn. It’s just how it rolls I guess and my little go-to thing to do while I’m sitting with the children when they are doing their practice exam papers and not actually allowed to help them.

Do you mind if I share a couple more photographs with you?

I think I have a pretty garden out the front of my house. If you live in USA you might call it a yard, in the U.K. a yard is something different. Anyway, along the side of my garden near my kitchen there’s an ugly fence that is between us and the neighbour. We would have painted the fence but the slats go the ‘wrong way’ and we didn’t want paint to run through and drip in their side. I decided to grow some flowers up it instead, in the hope that in the summertime it will be really pretty. I got Sol and Seb to plant some out some sweet peas in some cheap little pots I had got. Excuse the debris, we hadn’t swept up at the point where I had taken the photograph.

This evening we walked into the village with the dog, I like to walk there every day and I never tire of the views I see. What a glorious end to the day.

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  1. Looks like another fun day. I like your sharing of the plants at the fence. Yes, we call it a yard. I didn’t realize UK calls it something different. I just planted a box garden to try growing some vegetables and melons again. It’s small and I’m trying to keep it organic. I have more time now to tend to a garden. They didn’t do well when I worked quite a bit.

    1. I would love to grow melons! I once built a temporary greenhouse up the side of my house. It was a frame with plastic on it, I loved it and that year I had bumper crops of tomatoes and salad veggies. However it was almost every week the cover would blow away with the wind and I had to fetch it from somewhere. We went on holiday for two weeks then and I left my precious veggies for my neighbour and eldest son to look after. They didn’t manage to rescue the greenhouse covers as we had a storm and that was the end of my tomato plants and veggie pots. Since then my heart was never in it to try again, that is until I can get a solid constructed greenhouse. Some years I’ll make cold frames under glass or Perspex but I haven’t this year as it’s been too cold to hang out in the garden much and it’s a bit late now.

      1. It does become discouraging when situations hinder efforts. I thought of building a greenhouse but maybe I can do okay without it since I live in Florida. However, it’s a challenge keeping pests away. Melons do take up more room to spread their vines so I’ll have to limit their growth.

  2. So many stay at home moms just sit on the sofa watching TV all day. You fill you time with so many creative and constructive activities for you and your children. If we had more moms like you, the world would be a better place.

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