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We are just home from worship and I’m grabbing five minutes to sit down and share with you about yesterday. It was a bit of a creative day. The morning was pretty much taken up

We are just home from worship and I’m grabbing five minutes to sit down and share with you about yesterday.

It was a bit of a creative day. The morning was pretty much taken up with household jobs to be done. And then I went along to a coffee morning which was being held in the village where I live. The caramel squares and cupcakes set me up for the day.

There’s no major point to this post except to show off all the creative things I did, plus I know you are all interested. 😁

I made artisan bread, it’s the recipe I posted before. Recipe Artisan Bread. It turned out really well, probably one of the best I’d made of this recipe, especially considering I bake it open rather than in a Dutch oven.

I also made baguettes, the photo makes them look overdone but they are not. I made them all at 13 inches long, and that brings me to a quirky story… other half’s friend owns a food place in Belfast. We sometimes go and get lunch or dinner there and he always just charges us a very modest price. It’s good food and the children look forward to going. Seb always gets a 12 inch sausage in a big bap (roll). It’s become a bit of a family joke now.

Anyway, the other day I was at the food wholesalers buying a load of supplies. I get some baking supplies from the wholesalers, big rib roasts and five kilogram tubs of chicken fillets there. It works out a good economical price as I’m always feeding plenty around my way so maybe go once a month. While I was there I spotted the 12 inch sausages in the fridge, they come in a box of 30, I bought some. So last night the family had 13 inch French bread baguettes and 12 inch sausages. I’m not a sausage fan but I made one for me too, I only managed a third of one. The greedy children cleared theirs without a thought, it was fun for them. I didn’t make anything else, I figured that would be plenty. Seb was happy.

In between times I crocheted. You all know I’ve been working on baby blankets the last couple of weeks, I’ve made five now. I might have said they were a gift, they are actually going to be donated to Malawi / Ekwendeni. The organisation sends out lots of supplies to children in schools and medical supplies, the people are very poor. My family gather up boxes of pencils and things usually, education is our “thing”. This year I decided to crochet some baby blankets as well, it’s on the wish list of things to go. Apparently it gets really cold at night so the blankets are essential as the babies need to be kept warm. I just finished this blanket, I’m quite pleased with it. I’ve been using up lots of oddments of my yarn, it’s a great way for them not to go to waste. I used a size 8 hook in this case, the yarn is red heart super saver yarn so it’s chunkier than most yarns. The stripe pattern is totally random, literally I just put my hand in my yarn bag and pulled out a colour and that was next, I changed yarns every round.

What do you think?

So as I sit and ponder over the next few days, I will warn you that we are making a ton of fudge this week so expect a few photos and possibly recipes. Next Saturday we are fundraising and I have been slightly involved in the advertising of a fundraiser coffee morning and stalls. I write a column for the local paper and I put the coffee morning adverts in there, plus post about on Facebook. As a result I kind of get sucked in to getting involved. Which is good, always good (I guess). So we decided to have a stall, I still have plenty of jewellery from my online stores and will be selling that. Also we are going to spend the week making fudge, who can resist the urge to buy a little bag of home made fudge when they are there. It has been planned children will be on the stall and I will hover near by to keep an eye on them. More tea and cupcakes! Yum.

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