Barley Bread

As promised I am sharing the bread I made today. I made it this morning and while it was cooling I went grocery shopping. I also managed to get our youngest a hoody and a summer top from NewLook. They often have a sale on and she needs some grown up looking clothes to get away from the usual pokemon hoodies that she wears. She’s almost 13 and starting to notice her appearance more. Apart from the very impromptu shopping trip my day was pretty much spent at home. Anyway onto the job in hand, the bread.

This recipe I invented myself and it turned out really good. Its a yeasted recipe and has rolled barley for a little bit of texture.  I used my pullman tin, but if you don’t have one you could use two 2lb loaf tins.

This is the flour I use for clarification on the oak smoked malted flour.


750g (26.5oz) strong white bread flour

100g (3.5oz) oak smoked malted flour (any wholemeal would do)

550ml (19-20oz) of very slightly warm water

100g (3.5oz) rolled barley

2 tablespoons of honey

3 tablespoons dried mill powder

2 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons butter

1.5 sachets of instant yeast (10-12g)


Mix the yeast and salt into the water.

Measure out all of the rest of the ingredients into a large bowl.

Pour on the yeasted water and mix with your dough hooks.  It will be quite a sticky craggy dough. The minion is there for attention! It’s a little joke I have with a friend so just ignore it.

Once mixed thorougly, tip the dough onto a floured board and knead until its elastic and feels right.  you aren’t going to get that smooth texture because of the barley and malted flour.  This dough will feel quick sticky to start with, don’t be put off by this, once its kneaded it will take shape and work well.

Place the dough into an oiled bowl, cover  and leave to rise for around an hour.

Spray your bread tins lightly with oil (if you feel you need to).

After the hour is up knock back the dough and shape for your pullman tin, or two loaf tins.

Sprinkle a few rolled barley on the top and press the dough into the corners of your tin.

Leave to rise again, covered for approximately an hour to hour & half depending on the ambient temperature.

Test your bread for readiness to bake by gently poking your finger into it.  if it  very slowly comes back to shape then it is ready to bake.

Once its ready to bake preheat your oven to 200C/390F.

Once your oven is hot, place your tin in the oven and bake your bread for 35 minutes.

Once your bread looks ready, tap the base for a hollow sound to indicate your bread is fully cooked.  If it has a dull thumping sound then stick it back in the oven for a few minutes.

Cool the bread totally on a wire rack before slicing.


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