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I thought I wasn’t going to do the weekly WordPress photo challenge. There word was prolific and I saw everyone was posting gorgeous photos of blossoms and foliage. The people who responded had wonderful displays of colour and often very abstract photographs.

I thought I had nothing more to offer.

Then as the week has wore on I realised that I always have something to offer and I have got to think outside of the box.

So here is my entry for the word, prolific.

First up are blossom photographs, the bottom one being one of my apple trees, the top photograph is an overspill plant from my neighbours property.

Then thinking more about this I remembered the day I drove up to The Dark Hedges, which you will know from The Game Of Thrones. I remember being struck how there were literally miles of these bendy trees in the area, every road had them. How no one ever gave them a second glance until The Game Of Thrones, with the children they loved driving through the tree tunnels. Sadly now they are getting vandalised with all the tourist attention and the roads are getting into disrepair. It’s funny how something so beautiful and natural can literally be the victim of its own success.

Some straight trees to contrast to the bendy trees.

Finally my non-natural entry for the word prolific. This is where all the wind turbine blades are stored, there are so many of them. They are absolutely huge when you are up close to them, you cannot really appreciate their size when you see them from afar.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the word prolific. Thankyou for reading.

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  4. Oh, quite extraordinary! I’m so sad that those trees are getting vandalised because they have featured on a TV show (I mean…). As amazing as they are, the TV must tell people what is worth seeing with their own eyes and even after that they believe it! What have we come to?? We have a similar tree-lined road here and I can just imagine people travelling from far to see it, no matter how gorgeous it is already, even though it’s not on TV and not many see it. 🙁

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