Our Wee Village

In Northern Ireland we have a special little language. A lot of our words are derived from Ulster Scots language, and some areas it is used more than others. It’s funny because I lived in Scotland for a few years as a child, and now I currently live in Northern Ireland, I think I’m a perfect candidate for using Ulster Scots. I do confuse some of my friends with my expressions.

Anyway, we use the word “wee” a lot. Wee does not mean pee, nor does it mean small, well it does, but here we use the word wee all the time with another meaning. “Wee” is a term of endearment, we use it when referring to almost anything that we are fondly talking of. Our wee village. The wee man who loves down the road. The wee shop up the street. Then sometimes we use the word wee at other times, it’s really absurd if you analyse it, but if you are in a store they might say “give us your wee credit card”. If you are confused, I am not surprised.

Anyway, back on topic.

I went walking into Our wee village. Where I live is beautiful, it’s a shameless brag here, but the sun has been out and I was able to take some nice photos again today. I want to share them with you. See that wee thatched cottage in the top photo, it’s a little museum. It’s closed up during the week just now, but in the summer it’s open every day to the public. They cook traditional soda bread over a peat fire and the house is filled with relics.

I also spent a bit of the day helping the children with their school work, got to crack the whip, especially now. They have exams starting mid May, it’s a hard time for them.

Aside from that I baked the weekend’s bread today, plus a wee cake.

The cake is a custard cake, the recipe invented by me, I’d be keen for someone else to try it and give feedback. I’ll post it in a separate post but here’s what it looked like. I made two cakes, just as well as one is almost gone already.

The bread I baked was a regular yeasted loaf with 25% wholewheat and 75% strong white flour.

I also baked a sourdough loaf which I had been tending to since yesterday.

Both loaves are very different, I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes next week.

Thanks for reading once again, I’ll be back tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Our Wee Village”

  1. The cake looks divine! Well, they all do actually but because Im on a no carb diet, I’m fixated on the sweet! Lol I’d love to try your recipe! It looks delicious and in fact I’ve never had a custard cake!
    P.S. I fell in love with ireland while there 2 years ago. I never wanted to leave

  2. What a really delightful wee village, thanks for these great shots. My strongest memory was hiking in Scotland with a full back pack and every wee old lady I met kept saying the youth hostel was only a ‘wee’ mile up the road … ten miles later I did get there! lol
    See you are a good cook but I live with only one electrical element, no oven but used to enjoy baking my own bread … yours looks delicious πŸ™‚

  3. I use the word ‘wee’ for everything. My family hailed from Sligo but I was brought up in Scotland and now live in my birthplace, USA. My uncle from Monaghan had a lovely expression, “She has got legs like a Mullingar heifer” to describe a lady with sturdy legs. It wasn’t really an insult…

  4. Thank you for the explanation of ‘wee’. I always thought it meant ‘small’. I am currently reading the “Outlander” series of books and have found a new meaning for the word ‘wee’ which is used quite regularly. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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