Spring Boats

Today was glorious! The first nice weather day we have had this year, the temperature hit 17C (63F), for us this has been the warmest. I will open this post by saying thank you for

Today was glorious! The first nice weather day we have had this year, the temperature hit 17C (63F), for us this has been the warmest.

I will open this post by saying thank you for all of your kind messages yesterday. I was a bit frightened to write that entry in case it didn’t go down well. Baby loss is never an easy topic to discuss, always there’s a risk that someone could get upset by the subject too. I am honoured to have kind and understanding readers who supported me and left me lovely messages. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️


My day today was spent running about doing errands, I had to get diesel in my car first off. I needed to go collect prescriptions which was a task. Some of my things were not available in any pharmacy, so I need to make some calls tomorrow to locate them. I had to some more groceries that I didn’t get yesterday. I ended up buying a load of cheese and chicken, you’d think that was all we liked and nothing else. Also I had to go pay a couple of bills.


I’ve got some items listed on eBay currently, some had sold this morning and last night. I packaged them this morning and later in the day I walked to the post office with Sol with a few little parcels. We shipped them and went to the harbour afterwards to have a look at the activity down there.

It’s the day the boats go in the water, if you don’t live at the water you probably won’t really appreciate how it’s done. Every April the boats go in that water, every November they come out. Over winter you don’t want your boat tied up in the bay to get buffeted by the storms, it’s just too much for little sized fishing boats and pleasure cruisers.

We have a very small cruiser boat but we are able to launch it from a trailer off the slipway so ours didn’t go in today.

Now, what is the big deal you ask? Well, the harbour master and boat people collectively hire a crane. The crane literally lifts the boats from the hard standing, over the wall and into the water. Then the boat owner will unhitch the boat and steer it off to the mooring out in the bay. The boat owners will tow a smaller boat with them in order to come back ashore. It’s a fascinating process to watch, there’s a real community atmosphere when this is going on.

In years gone buy my eldest son has been involved in steering the boats out to their moorings, all hands on deck and all that. This year we weren’t Involved, sol and I only watched the last two boats going in also. I intend on going down again tomorrow at lunch time to see the rest go in.

In the afternoon I ran to the local nurseries to get a handful of trailing plants for my window boxes. I managed to get three boxes done, I can’t wait to see the flowers starting to trail and flower.

I got Seb clearing some of the junk from down the side of the house in front of the garage. We seemed to have an accumulation of plant pots, slates, fence panels and other stuff. You could see them from the road and it was not a good look, plus I’m sure it’s an attraction for people to ‘borrow’ things. We did a few other jobs around the outside of the house and took advantage of the sun.

I noticed the buds growing on my fruit trees, the cycle of new life starts now and by the end of the summer the trees will bear fruit that we can eat. We always have a bountiful harvest, we have several apple trees, plums, cherries and raspberries.

I could say that my day was full at this point, but just to cram a few more things in we made fudge. Just plain creamy fudge, no fancy flavouring so I’m not going to post the recipe up.

I also went to a business seminar workshop thing this evening too. I won’t bore you with details on that.

After all that I have found myself wanting to sleep. I believe I got a weeks worth of activities crammed into one day, tomorrow is easier and I might even bake some bread too.

On that note I shall say thank you for reading, I’ll see you all later.

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