Free & Easy CFFC

Cee’s weekly photo challenge. CFFC.

I love the innocence of a child. Being able to do what you want and not worry who is watching. I admire my children, they are so free, they express themselves without hesitation.

This series of photographs is many years old, but probably my most favoured photos of all time. The photos are of my daughter with a dandelion clock. She knows that she should blow the seeds away, but at this point she hadn’t mastered the art of blowing. She certainly couldn’t find enough puff to disperse those feathery seeds. In the end she gave up and just used her hands.

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      1. That is definately true. Even if we reach one place we dreamt about, beyond there is always another hill or river worth seeing. I hope, your life will be an instant discovery πŸ™‚

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