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I’ve been busy in the house this week, the life of a homemaker and mother is ALWAYS busy. On top of my own personal things like hospital appointments and a play reading.

I seemed to get caught up in heaps of random jobs, all of which equally urgent. Especially the girls bedrooms, they have been a task and a half, have you any idea how many clothes my girls own?

I baked a lot this week, I baked five loaves of bread, three cakes, made ice cream, countless other little things plus an extra loaf which was especially for my next door neighbour.

My neighbours always appreciate home baked goodies; this was a simple white loaf but baked in a rustic form.

My sourdough breads this week, and I still have at least one recipe to post once I get it written up.

This weekend I got busy in a few little repair jobs around the house. I am also loosely thinking about decorating my hallway, the main hallway in our house is 30 feet long and that leads to a second hallway. It’s really tricky to get right because there are lots of doors leading off the two hallways plus the stairs.

I have been inspired by the pretty selection of vintage wallpapers available at the minute. I like the colours in this one, though it might not actually be the one I end up using. It has glitter through it and is rather pretty in real life. I thought about doing one side in that and having my pine dresser and bench seat painted white to bring them a new look. We put new floors down throughout last year, they are grey oak and a huge investment, but I love them so much. I think about this and it excites me to be planning a new project. At the minute we are thinking middle of July, but we all know life happens.

I have been crocheting when I get a chance, I’ve been working on two cot blankets. They are gifts, it is a bitter sweet thing as it’s two years this week since we lost our last baby, more about that in another post. Here are the blankets, first one is yellow …

The second one is very different …

Both are a work in progress, I will share as I get them finished. Crocheting is something I am good at, it is relaxing to do. I have received some stick from people over it so in real life, I tend to just get on with it when no one is around and I don’t get teased. Sometimes I lack the confidence just to tell people to leave me alone, I think maybe it’s more about me and less about others. Anyway, I got sidetracked. I enjoy writing to my website, I enjoy my children, baking, homemaking and crafting. I am who I am.

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