Kind and Caring. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

You will be getting the gist of this now, I am joining in once again with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Cee holds this challenge every week, she posts a theme and everyone responds with a photo (or two), depicting their interpretation of the theme. CFFC

This week is the theme Kind and Caring.

Mummy pig caring for her piglets.

Mummy swan caring for her cygnets.

And finally this little baby rabbit had fallen out of the nest, it had got cold and was left for dead. We thought it was dead and had left it to one side, but later we saw a little twitch and realised he wasn’t gone after all. We revived him by blowing warm breath onto him and the little bunny lived to tell the tale. We called the rabbit lucky because this actually happened twice to him, we suspected the mother rabbit was rejecting him. The mother rabbit eventually looked after him and Lucky grew up.

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