A Gift Bought For Myself & Banoffee Caramel Fudge Recipe

What a change from yesterday! Yesterday was sunny, albeit cold and today it’s pretty wet and cold out there.

I had a hospital appointment today, mainly a check up as it has been one year since my original stomach surgery. However I have had a couple ongoing issues and one is my gall bladder which plays up, another is some persistent skin problems which I can’t get cleared. The skin problem is an indication that I am deficient in B vitamins, my last test showed B12 but they were holding off till today to see what today’s tests would say. 💉

I don’t really want B12 injections, they scare me as I don’t know much about them. If anyone has had them I’d appreciate some feedback and reassurance. Dr Google has lots of nasty side affects listed for the injections, are they for real?

I took my youngest daughter with me today for company, it’s a bit of a drive there and back. She’s a little chatter so keeps me on my toes with all the things she talks about. She brought her drawing book and her iPod too, plenty to keep her busy.

After the hospital appointment, which was actually two appointments in two locations about half a mile apart, we headed back home which was close to an hour drive. I stopped at the supermarket and got some groceries.

🍫Of course I got sucked into looking at the cheap chocolate (it is not uncommon of me to do this), I had to come home and make some slow cooker fudge. For some reason slow cooker fudge is best made with cheap chocolate, it’s not that I am being overly skinflint. It does help it costs less, means you can make more and eat more! I’ll post the recipe and photos below. 🍫

I also got an eye shadow palette, I’m sharing because I’m exited. As a mum to several I don’t normally buy things like that which are exclusively for me, I usually put in birthday requests and that’s when I get things. I did cheat though, it was on a three for two offer so actually I bought two palettes and got the third one free. I gave one to my eldest daughter, one for my sons girlfriend and one for me. Some of the colours I have never worn before so it’s time to experiment.

Why do I feel so old? My daughters watch YouTube all the time and they are experts at what colours are fashionable, I feel like an out of fashion dinosaur.

Here we are doing selfies in the car when we got parked up.🤳🏼

Thanks for reading this semi boring update, now for the fudge recipe.

Banoffee Caramel Slow Cooker Fudge

The family love slow cooker fudge. It’s so easy to make, technically it’s not real fudge but it’s a pretty close alternative.

Today, as you read earlier, I got cheap chocolate. I used the chocolate buttons, they are 89p for 250g so you only need two packets. They already have a sweet fudgy flavour, not like regular chocolate, you couldn’t eat loads on their own.


2 packs of 250g weight buttons (500g/18oz)

1 can condensed milk

3/4 pack of banoffee caramel digestive biscuits (200g / 7oz)


Mix the chocolate and the condensed milk in the slow cooker.

Melt them on high for ten minutes.

Turn the slow cooker to low and stir the mix every fifteen minutes for 90minutes.

After 90 minutes your fudge will be ready.

At this point I broke up most of the banoffee caramel biscuits (approx 200g) and stired them into the fudge mix. I kept a couple of biscuits back for a nice cup of tea. ☕️

Spoon the fudge into silicone pans, you will probably need two depending on the size of your dishes.

Allow to cool for 2 hours in the fridge before cutting. If you can refrigerate overnight this is even better. Try to eat some before your family discovers them and they disappear.

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