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I am disappointed to learn that Instagram somehow shared my information to followers on an old Instagram account and/or my iphone book and/or my Facebook account. I have issue with this despite the fact I put myself out into the world. I discovered this when followers from my old Instagram account followed me on this new one, I hadn’t invited them nor had I given permission that my details be shared. Unless these people were stalking me, which is unlikely then Instagram must have shared my details to them.

I had double and triple checked that all the boxes about connecting accounts were not ticked and it definitely said there was no connection. It’s not that I do not want my face book and real life friends friends seeing my web page, but I am afraid that other personal information may have been shared. I do not want information such as my mobile phone number out there or even my private email address shared with others. I find that having a webpage already invites spammers selling SEO services and things (which is okay I guess as they are just doing their job), but I do not want personal contact information spammed out there on the internet.

If anyone can help me with this please I’d really appreciate it, meanwhile I’m going to email Instagram and find out what’s going on.

The rest of the day will be a happy event. We are travelling to Belfast to see an art exhibition where my daughter has a drawing displayed. I will share more later, I think I might need a bit of luck in finding a parking space at the place as it’s a built up area.

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    1. I realised when friends started following me on my new account. I don’t mind them following but I hadn’t shared my info, so Instagram must have somehow. I want the accounts I have independent from each other, I will try again maybe on a different computer also. Wish me luck!

      1. Hmmm, interesting. Yeah, I definitely haven’t heard of that. Weird. I have heard of someone stealing someone else’s insta account and photos and pretending it was their own work. It might be that? You could report the other account and see what happens?

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