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I follow a page that has a photo challenge on once a week, I enjoy looking through my photo albums trying to decide what fits the photo challenge theme.

Today’s theme is the subject “Happy”.

One reoccurring theme in my photos are how bonded my middle two children are. I hope the following photos can express their love for each other and their allow happiness to shine through.

The above photo was taken 11 years ago in Portugal. The below one taken last year in Lloret De Mar, Spain. It’s amazing how time flies and you can see the difference ten years can make.

This next photo makes me happy every time I see it, it was taken about five years ago and is when we visited San Tiago, Tenerife, which is one of the Canary Islands. The sand is volcanic sand and as you can see is black, it’s a strange thing to get used to. The texture is like regular sand, but it holds the heat so can be hard to walk on with bare feet. Just like regular yellow sand, it still gets everywhere, the difference being is you really notice it.

I hope you enjoyed my contributions to this weeks photo theme.

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