Easter Monday

We had planned on spending the Holiday Day out and about. We had hoped that we’d climb a nearby hill and visit a tower with an amazing view, but that didn’t happen. With wind chill temperatures well into the minus figures plus wild, wild weather we thought it better to stay home. Which meant the children were cooped up all day and had to make their own fun. Of course my suggestion of tidying bedrooms fell on deaf ears, the children were then happy to play games and do art rather than complaining of being bored.

Can you believe yesterday I posted sunny pictures of the flowers in my garden!

Sol sat at the table most of the day and worked on her drawing skills. Seb watched movies, he’s at that age where movies are probably his favourite thing. Toni had her boy friend around and they watched Better Call Saul. Mag worked all day, went to both jobs with just an hour break in between. Other half went to the gym, I baked bread and worked on a crochet blanket. Of course everyone ate cake! 🍰

I made Muesli bread, I’ve previously shared a similar recipe here – Muesli Bread. Today’s bread I made in a Pullman loaf tin rather than making two loaves with the recipe, I also made it with all white flour rather than a mix of wholemeal and white.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Belfast to see an art exhibition, Sol has a piece of work submitted to it. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine.

2 thoughts on “Easter Monday”

  1. You are all good sports, to find things with which to be content, rather than squawk like wet fowl. I hope your daughter’s art fares well. The Muesli bread looks fascinating. I may suggest that to a local baker who makes her own Muesli, which is my Saturday morning breakfast.

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