He Is Not Here…

Happy Easter!

It’s spring, finally we have a glimpse of some spring time weather and it has arrived on the perfect day. I’m hoping it’s not an April Fool’s Day trick, and it has indeed turned good and it’s going to stay this way.

We were awake really early this morning, the alarm went off at 5:30am and a family of sleepy people rolled of bed. We had planned in meeting some of our church congregation at the halls for 6:30am, in time for sunrise. The weather turned out to be really pleasant and we had communion and a short service on the harbour while the sun was rising, a truly beautiful, despite being early, start to the day.

After the Sunrise Service on the harbour we all enjoyed breakfast back in the halls. On offer was cereal, fruit salad, full cooked breakfast and toast. I decided to deviate from my usual boring cereal bars, I had a cooked breakfast 🍳 which left me stuffed and I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week (apart from chocolate eggs).

The children got their usual array of chocolate egg gifts from various people. The knitted chick came from someone in church who sells them to raise funds for a charity. I have a feeling that everyone will be on a sugar high for a while.

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