Saturday Chores And Easter Fudge Recipe

I’m not sure if my day is even interesting enough to make a blog post from! The day was pretty much spent at home doing silly home chores, I did make some easter fudge.

Our letterbox was broken, it has been like that forever but last night was stormy and the letter box rattled all night. Tired and fed up with it other half fixed the letter box today, I don’t know how many months we have been meaning to get that job done.

The children were at various activities so that just left us, doing these house tasks. We did have a visit from the in-laws, they brought the children Easter eggs and gave them £5 each in a card, which was nice.

Recipe – Creme Egg Slow Cooker Fudge

1 can of caramel condensed milk (Carnation brand)

500g of chocolate (Store brand cheap chocolate)

15g butter

8 creme eggs, cut in half and chilled


Cut the creme eggs in half and chill in the fridge, or freeze them.

Place all the other ingredients in your slow cooker and melt them together on medium.

Once the mix is melting turn the slow cooker down to low.

For the next 90 minutes stir the melted mix every 15 minutes.

I found mine needed a good thorough mixing to incorporate the caramel condensed milk.

After 90 minutes spoon the mixture into your silicone moulds. I use a food safe soap mould, it makes eight bars which I cut into four pieces each for this recipe, 32 pieces of sweet, sticky, fudge for my greedy, chocolate loving, family.

Place the halved creme eggs, creme side down, into the fudge mix.

Place the moulds in the fridge for two or three hours to chill.

After it has chilled pop it out of the moulds, cut the fudge into pieces and store in the fridge.

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