Speedy Wholemeal Pullman Loaf

I know I called this loaf ‘speedy’, it’s not a huge amount faster than other loaves, it saved me around three quarters of an hour from my usual time for bread making. I found it very useful this morning because I want to get on with baking cakes for easter, I have a list from neighbours and family. I will of course update on all that later, in the meantime please enjoy this recipe.


600g (21.1oz) Wholemeal bread flour,

260g (9.2oz) white strong flour

520ml (approx 18oz) warm water

50g (1.8oz) butter

2.5 teaspoons salt

2.5 tablespoons caster sugar

4 tablespoons dried milk powder

1 teaspoon malt (optional)

1.5/2 sachets of dried yeast


I used a 13 inch Pullman tin for this loaf, it would make two smaller loaves if you don’t have a Pullman.

It’s pretty easy to do,

The milk powder and the malt will improve the bread as sometimes wholemeal flour can make the bread heavier or denser. I added in a percentage of white flour also to ensure there’s no risk of this. I love wholemeal bread, but some of my children don’t so it’s trying to get the happy medium without losing flavour.

Add all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Use your dough hook and mix in the butter.

Add in your warm water and mix with your dough hook until your dough is pretty smooth and leaves the side of the bowl clean.

Tip the dough onto a floured board and knead until smooth and elastic.

As you have extra yeast in the recipe you don’t need to leave your bread to rise so long, let it rise for around 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes knock the air out of the dough and shape it to fit your 13″ Pullman tin.

Leave your dough to rise in the Pullman tin until it’s a little way from the top, this will take about an hour.

About 45 minutes in preheat your oven to 200C /390F.

Once your dough has risen bake for 35 minutes, removing the lid of your tin about 20 minutes in.

When your bread is ready it will sound hollow when you tap it.

Cool on a wire rack before slicing.

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