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It’s Thursday, feels like Friday actually, but I think that’s because tomorrow is a holiday day and that in turn feels like a Saturday. Other half is working from home tomorrow also so I am

It’s Thursday, feels like Friday actually, but I think that’s because tomorrow is a holiday day and that in turn feels like a Saturday. Other half is working from home tomorrow also so I am really not sure what the next few days holds for us.

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems to take forever to get anything done? I felt like that today and I got through most of the day to realise I had forgotten to do some laundry, and as anyone with a larger sized family knows that is not a good thing.

I decided to take the children out today to go shopping, that was my first mistake. It took us so long to get ready it must have been close to lunch time before I got the key turning in the ignition of my car to leave. I should have realised it was going to go bad when I was last to get a slot in the shower this morning.

The shops were busy, who knew just how many would have turned out to buy a few chocolate eggs. Of course, my children decided to use this day to act like teenage monkeys and I did not enjoy the trip. Seb stood on my right foot, he’s a big grown 14 year old boy now and then he rammed the shopping trolley into the back of my left foot. Oh boy, I could have smacked him down it was so painful. (Please know this is just a figure of speech).

So this leads me on, just as I was writing this post I realised the daily prompt from WordPress was on the topic of frantic, I don’t usually do the word prompts but I reckon it fits well. Do you think this post would count as an entry?

Eventually I managed to get the shopping and I even bought the children an Easter egg each, apart from Toni as right now she is on a permanent diet. Toni decided she’d like a little eye shadow palette, and it was a similar price to the eggs so that was okay. She is happy and that means I am happy.

After being subjected to having both feet injured, I thought it might be a good idea to treat myself. I bought a cute sweet jar with a rabbit on top of the lid. Even other half liked it, I know it’s a good buy if he approves, it wasn’t even expensive either.

There was a little craft fair on at the car park level of the shops we visited, I couldn’t resist a walk around. I ended up buying four wax melts for my wax melted burner thing that Mag had given me on Mother’s Day. The wax melts amused me, the scents were all a little bit different from the usual scents for candles. One of them was named after Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, it smelled like lemon sherbets, which apparently he likes in the movies. Can you guess which one is the Harry Potter wax?

The day has continued in pretty much the same fashion. On arrival back home the children started acting like monkeys again, they all starburst when we got out the car. I had to call them back to help in with the groceries. I’m not sure how the evening is going to turn out, maybe it will be an early bedtime in our house, can anyone relate?

If all else fails then something chocolate will help make things all better.

Do you ever make a recipe and it uses a small amount of an ingredient and you don’t know what to do with the rest?

I had opened a can of condensed milk for another recipe and only used some of it. I needed to use up the rest of the condensed milk so I made a mini batch of Slow Cooker Fudge.

Mini Recipe

200g condensed milk

1 teaspoon of butter

1 Terry’s Chocolate orange (157g)

1 bar of chocolate (cheap store brand 100g)

Also I added a couple drops of orange flavouring


Add all of the ingredients to your slow cooker. I used a mini 1.5litre Slow Cooker.

Melt the ingredients on high then turn to low.

Stir the mix every 15 minutes for 90 minutes.

If it’s ready after 90 minutes you will see a crust forming on the fudge.

Pour or spoon the fudge mix into a silicone dish.

Chill for two to three hours before cutting into cubes.


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