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My daily round up from yesterday, I’m a few hours late because I was just far too tired by the time I had got home last night. I could have skipped this round up, but

My daily round up from yesterday, I’m a few hours late because I was just far too tired by the time I had got home last night. I could have skipped this round up, but I really wanted to share the photos, I hope you don’t mind too much.

I had got up early to preapare my usual loaf of bread, which I didn’t photograph or write the recipe (sorry). I was kind of tired because Walter had woken me up around four o’clock then at six o’clock. Boy, was he in trouble yesterday (just kidding, I love him). Later on in the morning I found him asleep on a bed, I guess he was tired from being up so early 🙄.

Once I had got my bread prepared and some food out of the freezer for our dinners I felt it was a dry enough day to risk going for a good walk. I needed some things from the shop anyway so it was a perfect excuse to go. I took Sol with me, she loves walking and she loves accompanying me wherever I go. She’s a mummy’s girl.

One of the churches in the village do this thing every year where they receive a prayer scroll and while it is in their possession they have 24 hours a day of prayer and reflection. This year they were in possession of the scroll for three days, they always set up a special room for this occasion. The room is always manned by someone from their congregation, it is also open for visitors. The prayer room is filled with beautiful objects, books, nice quiet music, candles, and things to look at and do. They have a world map on the wall with little mini clothes pegs, you can clip a note on it and someone will pray for a person somewhere in the world or for another country. They have a couple of different visitor books where you can write a note, a poem or just something you wish to reflect on. They also have little paper fish, and a fishing net on the wall, you can write a prayer or a note on a fish and fix it in the net. You can even have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

I usually would call in to see this room, it’s always around the same time of year. So yesterday while out for our walk, Sol and I did just that.

After we visited the room we decided to take the path down to the beach. As usual we were rewarded with the beautiful views. My village is a seaside village, it is beautiful in many ways even when the weather is dull like yesterday. In the summer especially you cannot comprehend the awesomeness of the surroundings, often I have to pinch myself and remind myself how lucky I am to live in such a place. In the winter the beach and surroundings has an attractive ruggedness: boats resting in the boat park, the seaweed washed up on the beach, the parked cars sprayed with salt from the waves.

The afternoon was not majorly eventful. I had made little mini chicken pies so I cooked them up and early so the children could eat. My eldest son looked after all the younger ones while I was at the TV studio, he was happy to stay home and play on his computer. I left about 4:30pm and it took around an hour to get to Belfast, it probably was the worst time of day for traffic. I got parked really easily though, I guess everyone was leaving to go home for the day, plus I didn’t have to pay for my parking which was a plus. I got to explore the area where the tv studio was. There’s a theatre, train station and a large 5* hotel. A very nice hotel should I add, certainly not the cheapest place to stay or have drinks as I found out to my expense. I took a couple of discrete photos.

I wrote about the rest of my day in the previous posting, I hope that you will read it and maybe you can leave a comment.

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