There Is Still Much To See

This poignant photo takes me back to last year where we travelled to The Cathedral Of St Mary, Girona, Spain. Our youngest baby, Sol who is pictured here was actually feeling very under the weather. She kept wanting to fall asleep each time we stopped to look at something yet she soldiered on and enjoyed her day, she had no choice as we were miles away from home or hotel. She’s glad she did, the day was memorable for all of the right reasons.

Six word project


  1. righteousbruin9

    One of countless places I would love to see in Spain. Girona would be to Barcelona, as Canyon de Chelly is to the Grand Canyon: A wondrous, smaller mirror, which can stand very well on its own, much like that little elephant in the tagged post.

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    1. LifeAmazing

      How did you like Barcelona? I’ve been to Barcelona but always just passing through. As for Girona, it is a beautiful old city, I especially loved the Arab Baths and would go back if I have the opportunity.


      1. restlessjo

        I loved it! So much diversity in a city! I probably won’t go back because we were there 5 days and I saw as much as I possibly could in that time. My daughter was there for her 5th wedding anniversary in February and loved it too. The works of Gaudi are astounding. 🙂

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