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I got interviewed by a BBC researcher yesterday for a current affairs tv show. It will be filmed on Tuesday and will be aired on Tuesday evening, I am excited. The telephone interview was fairly

I got interviewed by a BBC researcher yesterday for a current affairs tv show. It will be filmed on Tuesday and will be aired on Tuesday evening, I am excited. The telephone interview was fairly straightforward, they asked me how old I am and what my political orientation was. The researcher then asked me my occupation, I told her I write a weekly column for a local newspaper, then I said that I home educate my children. After that ensued a lengthy conversation about home schooling and how we like it, suddenly everything else I told her was small and insignificant. After a discussion about the state of the NHS and education in our country I was informed that “I was in”, WOOT, WOOT.

At this point in time there is no finalised topic for the programme but there will be a panel of ‘experts’ who will be facing the audience, who in turn get to ask questions. Prior to the show the audience members will write down their chosen topics and questions which will be considered and possible put to the panel on the evening. The questions can be based on this weeks news events or current affairs in the country. Filming takes three hours and I will hopefully get home that evening in time to watch the show.

I am not sure if I should tell my friends I will be on the show, maybe there will be too much pressure up front if I tell everyone. I can tell you now that I have not shared this webpage with any close friends, so the world knows before they do. Something to think about, I might wait until Wednesday morning and send the link to everyone and they can see for themselves after the event. What do you think?

On a lighter note, I made a white loaf with pomegranate molasses and it got a massive rise. It’s definitely a keeper! It’s my basic white recipe plus some pomegranate molasses, that’s all. The crust was lovely and chewy as well as being mildly sticky, the bread itself almost had a juicy flavour that you can’t quite put your finger on.

White Molasses Bread

500g strong white bread flour

1 Sachet Of yeast

2 tablespoons dried milk powder

1.5 teaspoons sugar

1.5 teaspoons salt

1.5 tablespoons pomegranate molasses

1 tablespoon butter

300mls Of warm water


This makes a 2lb loaf. Put the molasses and the dry ingredients in a bowl. Rub in or mix in the butter then use your dough hooks (or muscles) to mix in the water. I use my hand held mixer and dough hooks for this part and take it till the dough is coming clean from the sides of the bowl. Then I hand knead it until it’s smooth and elastic.

The next stage is to let it rise in an oiled bowl for 60 minutes (cover it with a clean tea towel), maybe in your oven with the light switched on for ambient heat.

Once it’s doubled in size then take it out the bowl and place on a floured surface, give the dough a couple of kneads to knock the air out of it and shape it into your 2lb loaf pan.

Allow it to rise, covered, for another 45 minutes approximately. You can check for when it’s ready to bake by gently poking your finger into the dough, if the dough slowly moves back to shape it’s ready. If it doesn’t hold the poke shape and just goes back straight away then you need to leave it another 10 minutes. Once it’s risen, and ready bake it at 200C for 35 minutes. This particular loaf was ready before 35 minutes because I had been cooking other things in the oven beforehand so it was super hot. I painted melted butter on the loaf immediately I lifted it out of the oven.

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        1. Thank you. It’s filmed in Belfast, definitely a regional programme. I will report back on my page on Wednesday so watch out for updates. Thanks for visiting and commenting.😀

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