My Favourite Place – Kearney Village

This post is based on a prompt by WordPress, where they suggest a topic and the writer posts a photo (or two).

Favorite Place

My Favourite Place – one of my favourite places is a little national trust village called Kearney Village. It is Northern Ireland’s best kept secret. Kearney Village has nothing there and that is the attraction to me. The few houses there are are holiday homes, traditional houses which are not lived in year round. Up until about 14 years ago there wasn’t even any electric in the houses. There is no cell phone coverage, no internet, no shops, nothing at all. Just a few houses, well kept public toilets and a stoney beach. You are more likely to meet a few birds than you are to see a crowd.

In the nineteenth century Kearney was a busy little fishing village and the stories of pillaging shipwrecked ships are certainly not uncommon in that area too. How things have changed! Nowadays, it is visited by a select few who know about the tranquility that this little place has to offer.

The last time we visited the whole village had been transformed into a film set for a BBC drama My Mother And Other Strangers, look how the house above had been transformed.


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