Three Hundred And Ninety Nine


399 posts, can you believe that? I have made 399 posts on this blog and I am amazed that I find so much stuff to talk about. Admittedly a lot of the things I write about are probably uninteresting and just fill space, but some people actually take the time to read my pages and have messaged some nice comments. I started my webpage many years ago under a different domain and my main topic of writing was about home education, I had a lot to say on the topic, my children were young and it was a huge deal. As the years went by and the children have got older it’s not such a big thing, biggest child is now at university and our eldest daughter has only one year left of homeschooling too. The children are self sufficient in their studies now too, it’s less me and more them.


Then over recent years I hadn’t posted quite so much as we had gone through a series of devastating pregnancy losses and some gruelling, so far unsuccessful, fertility treatments. Although I shared about some of the losses and feelings I kind of closed up on everything and even writing was a bit of a chore. It took all my efforts to be there for the children on a daily basis, my webpage definitely took a back seat.


I made it back though, I’m trying really hard to get my life back together. The losses have shaped me, I am not the same person I was. I left my job, got another job and now I am looking for more fulfilling things in my life. We are still determined to have another child, but the route to that goal may be a different way than what we intended.


I talk a lot about food at the minute, we are foodies in our house. We always loved food but now I am less hands on with the homeschooling I have time to write down recipes. I have discovered I am good at making bread and I want to share that. I enjoy baking and passing things along. I’m not always good at everything I do, however I try to be the best I can.


So, back to 399, back to that – it’s all down to you, my reader, for clicking back here and listening to me ramble. If I didn’t have clicks on my pages and likes on my posts then I’d have no reason to write … I thankyou all for being here.


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