Galaxy Chocolate Slow Cooker Fudge

Just a little fudgey recipe to keep you going. I didn’t make this today but a couple of days ago, I just didn’t get time to write it up. We had a giant bar of galaxy, truthfully it was too big to just eat. When I made it into fudge it was devoured by the whole family really fast. I do t eat so much of the fudge but the children and their friends do, and other half as well.

Galaxy Bar Slow Cooker Fudge Recipe


500g bar of Galaxy bars (in my case, I didn’t quite have 500g so I made it up with cooking chocolate … you can’t tell by taste though)

1 can condensed milk (397g)

15g butter



Melt them all together in a slowcooker on low.

Stir the fudgey mix every 15 minutes.

It’s going to take an hour or more to make this fudge so you need to be patient, ideally you want to cook it for 90minutes to get the best flavour.

Remember not to put the lid on the slow cooker as you don’t want any condensation droplets.

When the skin starts to form about 1 hour in this means the fudge is almost ready. Wait another 15 minutes and stir it again. If you are brave and wait another 15 minutes it will help it get more fudgey.

All you need to do now is pour the chocolate fudge mix into a silicone pan, and refrigerate it for two hours before cutting.

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