Muesli Crunch Bread

Today was pretty low key as far as Fridays go. We had to go out this afternoon and pick up a Mother’s Day card for my other half’s mum, he forgot last year and was

Today was pretty low key as far as Fridays go. We had to go out this afternoon and pick up a Mother’s Day card for my other half’s mum, he forgot last year and was in the bad books for a week so I made sure he remembered this time. We also had to go to the GP clinic and get some test results for hubby so that took a little bit of time, apart from that all the little errands were minor. He had an easy afternoon for work so wasn’t too hard pushed for anything.

When it nears the weekend the desire to have lots of kitchen chores backed up is low. I usually like to have enough bread and goodies to last us a couple of days so I can concentrate on doing weekend things. I like to cook for real at the weekend too, so that means bread baking often takes a back seat. In order to have enough bread for a day or two I decided to make a double batch of dough as well as some artisan no knead bread dough in the fridge. Toni recently announced that she doesn’t like healthy bread just now. Anything with seeds, or remotely brown she says she won’t eat. Now, I could just go ahead and make seeded bread and tell her to suck it up, but that doesn’t really achieve anything except that she won’t eat any bread. I often make bread which is 1/4 Wholemeal or something, it goes down well with everyone and having the wholemeal element makes it a little healthier. With this type of loaf I have made it 100s of times so adapting the recipe is easy.

I am calling this bread Muesli Crunch Bread because it has some Cotswold Crunch flour in in and a good amount of my favourite fruit muesli mix in it. No nuts as always, this bread has some crunch which is Wholemeal based, but it has still got a good amount of white in it to please the fussier members of the family.

Muesli Crunch Bread Recipe – makes 2 X 2lb loaves


560g strong white bread flour

200g Cotswold Crunch bread flour

50g butter

2.5 teaspoons salt

1.5 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoons dried milk powder

1.5 teaspoons malt (bread improver, it’s optional)

1 sachet of dried yeast

1 generous cup of Muesli, I didn’t measure this

515ml warm water


Mix the dry ingredients together in the bowl,

Use your dough hooks mix in the butter so it resembles breadcrumbs.

Then pour on the warm water and use your dough hook or hand knead this till the dough has formed. The dough will still be slightly sticky due to the amount of water you have used.

Mix in the muesli, and knead on a floured until the dough feels smooth and elastic.

Place the dough in an oiled bowl for an hour to rise.

After an hour split the dough and knock the air out of it. Shape it to fit your two bread pans, and once again leave it to rise for another hour. It’s a good idea to cover with a clean tea towel to stop it drying out. Test the dough for readiness to bake by gently poking your finger into it. If the dough moves back into position slowly it is ready to bake.

Brush the tops of the loaves with some water.

Bake for 35 minutes, in a hot oven which has been preheated to 200C. Your bread is ready when it sounds hollow if you tap it.

Cool on a wire rack before you slice it.

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