Plastic Surgery Check Up

I didn’t bake today, much to everyone’s surprise. I did make a huge pot of curry which was a big hit and got on with other things.

One of the reasons I didn’t bake is because I had a hospital appointment. I had plastic surgery on my face, I’m not sure if you can remember, but you can look back on my January 2018 blog posts if you are interested. I had three harmless bone tumours called osteoid osteomas. One of those boney lumps was causing me a problem as it was on my forehead and making me incredibly self conscious. People would comment on it, mostly out of concern because they thought I had bumped my head or walked into a door or something. Each time someone would express concern at my ‘bumped head’ I had to explain I hadn’t hurt myself and that it was a growth of bone. Each time that happened I got a new set of questions regarding why I hadn’t had the bump dealt with at that point. What people didn’t understand is that it was a little more difficult than just taking the bone lumps away, I had to get a CT scan to see how deep they went and the surgeon had to plan how he would remove the one that was troubling me most. He needed to use an endoscope, going in from my scalp to avoid a scar, and then literally he chiselled it off which was a difficult procedure. However, seven weeks on I am so glad I had it done. My confidence has sky rocketed and I am no longer constantly explaining to people that I haven’t been hit in the face or fallen down and bumped my head. I finally like to take photographs of myself, selfies, I hated my photos before and always doctored them so you couldn’t see my lump. I suddenly feel like my teenage daughter and enjoy seeing my photos.

So after that lengthy explanation I better tell you what happened; my appointment today went well. It was noted that I still have soft tissue swelling which will go away eventually and my scar is almost invisible. All in all the surgery was a success.

My photo today, you just cannot tell I had plastic surgery despite the little bit of swelling that is left…

During a quiet spell today I did some crocheting. I started making crochet squares about a year ago as I followed one of those CALs (crochet along), I was the slowest ever at it. I made lots of the squares and last week I eventually decided I had made enough plus I was getting a little bored with them. I chose the best squares and I attached them together to make a blanket. I am currently making a border to go around the squares, so far this is what it looks like. What do you think?

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