I Said I wouldn’t

It’s a horrible wet day, and I am cold. I had to go to the city and organise the two middle children’s GCSE physics exams. We use an independent exam centre as we are not registered with any school, it has always worked out well but the drive can be a bit of a chore in the rush hour traffic. The children are now officially booked and paid for so it’s heads down in our house. It’s a strange one this year as Seb and Toni are head to head here, not sure who is going to get the best grades, but there is some healthy competition going on. Seb has always struggled with concentration and gets easily distracted. He will talk a lot instead of working or go to the bathroom and forget to come back. Toni thinks she knows her stuff, so we will see what happens, it is going to be a challenge for them both.

The exam centre is in an old mill which was originally built in 1842. The mills were used for flax spinning and is of huge historic significance in Belfast. It was restored in 1999 and the photo is how it looks today, it has several uses now which include an education centre, coffee shop, museum and a couple other workshops.

I have French bread in the oven at the moment, I’ll take some photos and post the recipe later but it smells delicious and will be a welcome treat for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

I also got very brave and made some more slow cooker fudge. I said I wouldn’t make any more, well my husband told me not to. Women’s rights and all that means, I don’t have to do what any man tells me and I go ahead and make the fudge anyway. Just kidding about the women’s rights, my husband was worried in case his tummy might grow larger so I hid the fudge from his view in the vegetable drawer in the fridge.

Smarties Fudge

1 can condensed milk

1 Tablespoon butter

300g /10.5oz of smarties bars (doesn’t have to be exact)

200g / 7oz of milk chocolate. (Doesn’t have to be exact)

100g of little smarties (there was more in the box, but I might have accidentally ate some)

Melt all the ingredients in the slow cooker except for the box of smarties. Set your slow cooker to low and stir the melted chocolate mix every 15 minutes.

After an hour or maybe more you will see a skin form on the chocolate mix when you go to stir it, this is a sign your fudge is almost ready. When you see this skin, stir your mix one more time and leave for 15 more minutes.

Pour your fudge mix into a silicone pan.

Leave in the fridge for two hours to set before cutting up into cubes.

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