Turkish Delight Slow Cooker Fudge

I have been trying different flavours of fudges lately with varying degrees of success. Today I made Turkish delight fudge and it turned out good. I have been assured by all that it was indeed very acceptable and yummy. I feel that next time I will lean towards the softer chocolate coated Turkish delight rather than the boxed ones. Here’s the recipe anyway, it’s super easy!

Turkish Delight Slow Cooker Fudge

550g /19.4oz of milk chocolate. Cheap store brand chocolate is perfect, it melts down good.

397g /14 fl oz condensed milk

15g / 1 tablespoon butter

200g /7.1oz Turkish delight pieces cut up small

Put all the ingredients except for the Turkish delight in the slow cooker. Melt it initially on high and then turn down to low or medium setting. Stir the mix every ten to fifteen minutes. After about an hour and a half youR fudge is ready. Stir in the Turkish delight cubes and quickly pour your fudge mix into a silicone dish to set. Set it for at least two hours in the fridge, overnight is better and cut into pieces to suit.

I was a bit premature in cutting this particular batch of fudge fudge so I didn’t get the usual nice clean edges but that doesn’t affect the taste. After cutting I returned mine to the fridge for another hour and it has set perfectly.

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