Butter and Boots

So much to share about my day. It’s a Saturday and I had planned on a lie in but other half was wide awake from early. He made us an early cup of tea and

So much to share about my day. It’s a Saturday and I had planned on a lie in but other half was wide awake from early. He made us an early cup of tea and that meant we were up! He wanted to go to the gym, but I declined and stayed home while he slogged away doing a workout. I figured I could go later on in the day so decided to stay home and do some chores around the house. The beds needed stripped, there was at least three loads of laundry beckoning me plus the kitchen was a mess. So hubby slogged at the gym and I slogged at home, all okay though I enjoy being a home bird.

I managed to get a lot of reduced price meat for the freezer this morning from the local shop and while I was in I spotted three cartons of cream reduced to just a few pennies. I guess that little lightbulb went on in my head and I bought them. I am not a lover of cream although the family is, but I didn’t get it to go with some pudding or other. I wanted to make some butter to go with my home baked bread.

Butter is really easy to make at home and it’s waste not want not with the cream, so win-win all round.

Butter Recipe

I used three cartons of fresh whipping cream. Poured them all into a mixing bowl and start whipping. This is easy for me as I have a stand mixer, it would be tough on the arms to do it by hand or even with a handheld mixer. I let the mixer do all the work and watched it every few minutes to check it’s progress. The cream turned into ‘whipped cream’ then I kept going and after a few minutes the cream was slopping about the bowl. I looked in and saw the butter forming and a yellow liquid which is buttermilk. At this point it’s worth pouring off the liquid, save it, don’t throw it away.

With the buttermilk saved in a jug I added a couple of teaspoons of salt and beat the butter further until it went smooth and looked just like the butter we know. It was quite pale but I guess the stuff we buy has an additive for colour or some other ingredient. What you need to do now might seem strange but you have to wash the butter and squeeze out the last of the buttermilk. I simply put it in a large bowl and filled it with ice cold water, I squeezed the butter out and gently patted it to dry on kitchen towel. I transferred it into a dish and it was ready for using.

The yellow liquid I saved from the mixing process is called buttermilk, you can use it in baking scones, cakes or bread.

After lunch we took Sol, Seb and a friend to a comic book drawing class in a nearby town. They had a great time and learned a lot about drawing characters and the ways to lay out a comic. While they were in the place, other half and I went shopping. Hubby insisted I bought some boots from TK Maxx, I love them so much. They are Rocket Dogs and we’re only £25 so I am well happy with them.

I am amused by small things these days, I love the sole on them.

So that pretty much sums up the day, after our return home I made pizza and now I’m sitting stuffed. Movie time tonight I think.

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