Slow Cooker Mint Oreo Fudge

A day can’t go by when there’s not some busyness in our house. The children are rehearsing like crazy for a pantomime they are in. They have a full dress rehearsal tonight and they are already exhausted with all their dancing. It’s good though, they are loving it and have done this several times before. The pantomime is Sleeping Beauty and there are four performances next week where they will have an audience of over 1000.

There has been very little school work done as it’s officially half term break, though our children are always doing something with being home educated. Sol has been working all day on inventing a board game, she never stops thinking about things like this and had this board game played out in her head all night long last night.

I worked in the kitchen, it was untidy and needed a lot of work to put things straight. Of course I had to do a little baking and have some bread rising also.

We did make slowcooker fudge, as if we need any more calories in our lives! I had got a basic fudge recipe, changed it a little and added a twist. I’m absolutely certain this fudge combination has been done before, but this recipe is totally my own work.

Mint Oreo Slowcooker Fudge


15g butter,

300g white chocolate (any cheap type will do, Asda sells own brand for 30p per bar)

250g milk chocolate, again supermarket own brand is perfectly fine here

1 can (397ml) condensed milk

14 Oreo biscuits

A few drops of peppermint oil/flavouring


Break up all of the chocolate into a slow cooker, I used my baby slowcooker and it worked just fine. Add in the butter and the condensed milk.

Let it all melt together on high, stirring it every 10 to 15 minutes. Once the chocolate has all melted you can turn your slow cooker down to medium or low. You need to check back every 15 minutes, give it a good stir and do this for 90 minutes.

Roughly crush and mix in 10 of the mint Oreos. My crushed Oreos looked like this…

Mix them into your melted chocolate along with your peppermint flavour you really need to give them a good stir. Press the fudge into a rectangular cake pan, I use silicone pans because the fudge won’t stick to it, I still spray it lightly with spray oil. Chill the fudge for a couple of hours in the fridge or even over night. Once the fudge is chilled it can be turned out into a board and you can cut it up. I cut this fudge up into small pieces as it is so calorific, but remember all the spoon licking doesn’t count, the calories are almost invisible and you can eat as much as you like this way.

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