Tannaghmore Farm

Other half works everywhere with his job and as we are a home educating family we have opportunity to drop what we are doing and travel with him. The children had worked hard all week, they are doing mock papers for GCSEs and revision so it was okay to have a breather for the day. We set off fairly early yesterday to a place called Portadown which despite having the impression of not having much there, had plenty to look around. We walked round for a couple hours, and rummaged in all the cheap shops. The children came across a shop that was having a closing down sale and they cleaned up on 25p toys, including fidget spinners and those little cube things that they all play with. I was more sensible of course and bought bedding sets at the knock down price of £2.50 and I’m afraid we ate too much rubbish.

On the way home we came across a farm and museum called Tanaghmore Farm. I heard it was very popular among the local mummies, but I had never visited. It was a bit dreary in the cold, damp weather and the museum part was closed, however there was enough to keep us occupied for an hour. There was also a maze but it was flooded so we didn’t get to the centre, the animals all looked kind of sad and cold.

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